People say that I dramatize everything that I talk about. They think I exaggerate even the most mundane of things. That the devil really lies in the details. Just not in the way that phrase is supposed to mean. However, it’s solely because of the avid reader in me.

When I read a novel, it’s not just the plot that I’m interested in. It’s the way the story is written. The metaphors they use. The analogies relating to real life that give you this utter sense of belonging. The way I live the characters. Their lives, their emotions. The way I might get conflicted when it comes to a good villain. An oxymoron, yet possible. Because the authors make it possible. The words they write that make me laugh, when I’m having a bad day. The words that make me feel things I’ve never felt before.

Those details? They’re everything to a girl wanting to escape her life. Because you see, the devil really lies in details. Every time I read the same book for maybe the tenth time, there is something new that jumps out at me. A new quote I missed the last time. A new insight to the dilemma a character faced. A new me. There are people that travel, paint, dance, surf, climb mountains in order to find themselves. Me? I turn to my books. It’s the most beautiful way to find one’s true self. Don’t you think?

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