You want to be wanted. Crave to be needed. To stay of importance. But all your insecurities – they constantly drag you back. You shy away from opportunities that could put you in the limelight.

Albeit you help the ones that are already there. You take up any tasks and any type of responsibility because it makes you feel that you’re part of it. That you’re part of them.

But you aren’t, are you?

You’re just you.

You keep wading through life, content being background noise. The dull static right before the television connects. You sometimes yearn to be part of one of those annoying soap operas. Or perhaps that unrealistic survival show. Yet you stay lounging on your couch flicking through channels, never auditioning for those parts.

You would rather stay bound by your apprehensive notions than take a leap. Because in your head – you’re just you.

Plain, simple you. You’ve yet to realise your potential. Of how extraordinary you are in a world full of ordinary. Someday you will, though.

Someday you will understand that your ‘you’ is enough. More than enough.

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