Are you afraid of knowing what lies in your future? Or are you one of those who would want to know?

Ever since I’ve know  that my name when roughly translated to English means the universe, I’ve been obsessed with the universe, the moon, the stars. Fate and destiny.

Even with all of these romanticized notions, I’m petrified of knowing about my life ten years from now. Anxiety and paranoia have now become my best friends. Because there is so much that could go wrong. So much I wouldn’t be able to change.

But somewhere inside me there’s hope.

There’s always hope.

3 thoughts on “Cosmos

  1. your writings, your thoughts bring understanding and clarity from an angle many might not have considered. But perhaps you would consider this:
It is tempting to put yourself in the center of the communication (ever since I ….. , when I see …. I want … ). But as a writer you should avoid being in the center of the thought. The reader will relate to your message stronger by putting the reader in the center and you serving as the guide leading them to what you have experienced. How to do this, is something each writer must decide for themselves. There is one trick however that some use – when the words I, my, me appear – stop and consider if that sentence can be turned to the readers perspective.
Writing is a very personal endeavor, and it is difficult to share. The words you use are just tools – but a master craftsman selects the right tools.

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    1. Hey, thanks for the insight. Appreciate it. I’ve actually written quite a few blogs with you. Somehow I keep coming back to the I’s and Me’s as it is amusing of what I’m feeling then. But I understand your point 😀


  2. good point. perhaps it comes down to ‘why does someone write?’. Is it to share an emotion, to teach a life lesson, or to say ‘I am here and this is important’? Perhaps all or something else.

    That question might appears simple, but it’s not. For myself it is to say ‘this happened and i want it to live on after i have left (i’m rather old) – and that is why i don’t want it to be about me. But if you truly understand why you write, then you will pick the right form, the right words, and the message will resonate.

    keep writing your words

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