It is said that –

‘Thunderstorms remind us that even the sky needs to scream sometimes’

Lying in my bed, with the light from my lamp surrounding me, amidst a thunderstorm, I can’t help but feel peace in the chaos of it all. While at the same time I see people cowering in their beds hearing the deafening noises. 

Watching lightning strike across the sky, I’m reminded of all my problems, flashing across my mind as they drift away to the background just like the receding thunder.

It is said that –

‘People who’ve been in a shipwreck shudder even at a calm sea’

Maybe that’s why some people are afraid of thunderstorms. Because they’ve seen enough in their lives to last them a lifetime.

All of us today, in this world, have our own internal battles we fight each and every day of our lives. And all of us have our own coping mechanisms to deal with them. Some journal, some paint, some compose songs, some blog, while the brave ones seek therapy. And this is because all of us have got to a point where we just want to empty the fullness our soul feels. Or maybe fill the emptiness our heart feels.

There was this incident I read about. A guy in a grocery store, suddenly stopped in an aisle and yelled at the top of his lungs, for two to three seconds, and then continued shopping as if nothing was amiss. And while some might tag this as erratic or crazy behaviour, I could relate.

Sometimes the feeling that sits in the pits of our stomachs gets so heavy that we need to scream our frustration out. Maybe that’s why some people cry out in their pillows, hoping to muffle the sounds. Maybe that’s why some people weep in the rain, hoping the drops mask the tears cascading down their cheeks.

And it’s better to let it out than live with the monster you create in your head. To shriek, bawl, shed tears, whimper. To stop burying the anguish, even if just for a few minutes.

Imagine this. You’re in a room full of people. It’s packed to the maximum, and everyone is chattering away. All you can hear is a cacophony of voices speaking together. Now imagine whispering the thought that keeps you up at night in that dissonance. How would you feel? Do you think the demons raging war in your mind will now simmer down?

Maybe that’s why I like thunderstorms so much. Because they give me a blanket to hide under, while exposing my tiresome thoughts. Because they help me weed out the root causes of my troubles while making those troubles seem small in comparison to what others go through.

It is said that –

‘There’s always a calm before the storm’

I, on the other hand, have always felt calm during a storm. So, in this minute, I feel the lightning and the thunder coursing through my body, keeping my world at the forefront of my mind, while at the same time keeping it at bay.

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