Palindrome poems can be read both forwards and backwards.

Air swirling around
Water like
Thoughts in loops
Foundations trembling
With burning


Burning with
Trembling foundations
Loops in thoughts
Like water
Around swirling air


24 thoughts on “Elements

  1. Huh, this is interesting. For a moment there I thought it would be a palindrome poem written entirely with palindrome words, but this works as well! 🙂

    There’s a color contrast at work here. Above, it’s red with hints of brown, terra rossa. Down below it’s blue and streaks of white. Up there its turmoil and earthly delights, rituals of ancient spirits and slumbering gods… down below its the wisps in the mist, ghosts and soft spirits gliding. The contrast is very nice to witness, and the connection between the two, like sides of a coin, makes for a riveting experience.

    This was very, VERY good. Incredible, in fact.

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